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The Critical Role of Audio Analytics in Robocall Threat Mitigation Programs. Get the Free White PaperSchedule a Demo

YouMail PS works with enterprises and carriers to shut down unlawful voice and SMS communications.

Stop Robo Callers

Sophisticated threat actors are leveraging voice and SMS communications to engage in vishing and smishing attacks as well as perpetrate fraud. 

YouMail PS leverages content-based analytics, based on our patented audio fingerprinting, real-time real-user audio collection and more to provides SaaS offerings that:
  • Protect enterprises by detecting and eliminating imposter traffic, providing vishing protection against brand reputation damage
  • Protect communication service providers with robocall mitigation services that detect unwanted traffic that is originating, traversing, or terminating on their networks


  • SaaS offerings protect enterprises by detecting and eliminating imposter traffic
  • Billions of data points from our consumer protection services, 10+ years experience, and patented detection technology
  • Managed Detection & Response represents turn-key risk & fraud management
  • Protects your brand identity, reputation, communication equipment, and more

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  • Offers CSP solutions that reduce Provider risk with 3rd party vendor integration including:
  • Telephone number scoring as a service, derived via content-based analytics.
  • Telephone number behavior as a service via content-based analytics – with unparalleled data from our consumer business
  • Traffic analysis as a service via CSP data analysis and content-based analytics.

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"In our ongoing effort to help our clients combat fraud and illegal call spamming, Youmail's data is an important part of Veriswitch's extensive mitigation technology, providing an additional layer of data-driven decision making to help identify, intercept, and reject suspicious calls in real-time."
– Umberto Mautone, Veriswitch Solutions Inc.

In just 15 minutes, we can show you the potential risks currently facing your brand and how to remediate the potential damage or reduce risks from fines (or worse) to carrier networks.

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What Banks Need to Know About Robocallers Impersonating Their Brand

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